Vishnusahasranam (Live ZOOM)

Complete sloka course the 1000 names of Sri Vishnu with meanings

Complete Vishnusahasranama stotra course with meanings

Students will get an opportunity to learn sloka by sloka with meaning and appreciate the greatness and glory of Sri mahavishnu in this Master class.

Weekly online meetup

Meet weekly online with the teacher to ensure correctness and completness in learning.

Video lessons

24X7 access to recorded video lessons so that students can practice any time and from anywhere. 

Word-by-word Meaning

With new meaning highlighter, as a student learns a sanskrit word, the meaning for that word is automatically highlighted visually.

Yudhishtira's questions

The initial set of Sahasranama contains verses that serve as prayer mantras as well as questions posed by Yudhishtira to his grandfather Bhishma on various aspects around Vishnu along with Bhishma's initial set of answers.

A student will first learn these initial set of slokas starting with 'shuklambharadharam' and proceed all the way upto and before Dhyanam.

Dhyana Slokams

Students once completing the previous section shall learn the dhyana slokas that consist of around 10 verses.


Once completing the dhyana slokams, student will proceed to learn the Sahasranama in its entirety.  A student learns all 1000 names of Lord Vishnu spread across 108 verses.

Besides learning how to recite, a student will also understand and appreciate the meaning of each of those names.

Phalasruthi Slokas

These set of slokas tell what benefits one gets by reciting Vishnusahasranama.  There are around 30+ slokas that will also be learnt by a student to get a completion in  learning the Vishnusahasranama.

Course Curriculum