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Slokashri is our flagship entry-level sloka course where a student learns the fundamentals of sloka chanting along with fun stories to trigger students’ imagination.

 At this level a student learns simple to moderate prayer slokas on various deities. Student learns pronunciation, voice modulation and meanings to several Sanskrit slokas.  

This course will set the foundation necessary for the students to advance to higher levels of sloka learning. 

Simple Slokas

Easy to learn, less complex slokas with pronunciation-friendly sanskrit words

Sloka Meanings

Meanings to every word in every sloka to ensure complete understand

Practice videos

Unlimited practice videos to help students outside the class sessions.

Weekly rewards

Weekly rewards to ensure students are motivated to learn at least one sloka a week.

Course Curriculum



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Sirisha Akaveeti

Could not be better

My kids enjoy this course so much there favriote part is stories love it! ?

1 year ago
Vasumathi Sridharan

Value addition for life

Partha-ji and team are adding so much value and life lessons for the children and our entire family.

2 years ago
Priya Srinivasan



2 years ago


"The whole sloka class is really Awesome, especially when it's time for the Ramayana story, Aarna loves it. They say it in simple language where the kids of all age group can understand and follow it. I couldn't ask for more."

Lalitha Uppada
"Wow..You guys did a beautiful work. Cant thank you guys enough 🙏🏻. And personally we are so blessed to be part of vedantha  peetam, daughter is learning  important aspects of life at very young age. Your contributions are shaping the new generation for a beautiful world."
Lakshmi Dandu


"Partha Garu is a very passionate and dedicated guru. His story telling style attracts both adults and kids alike. He also explains the morals from the stories in relevance to the present times. This is a great way to invoke spiritual thinking in kids. I am very thankful to my friend who introduced us to him."
Priya Vinnakota

Fremont, US

"I’m happy and impressed with teaching methodology at Vedanta Vidya Peetam. My son’s (5 yr old) pronunciation has improved a lot. In a span of 7 months he could recite almost 16 slokas. Ramaa encourages and takes good care of kids."

Divya Vemula, Palo Alto, CA
"My daughter joined the class an year back and she learnt many slokas .On Saturday's they have story class which is also very good."

Vijaya Raghavan

Cupertino, CA

"For the past few months, my son has been attending Partha Sir’s sloka lessons where he ends each session with the Ramayana story. He uses simple and descriptive language to help the kids understand the story in an entertaining way. He never fails to finish class by teaching an important life lesson to the kids. "
Lakshmi Penmetsa,

Cupertino, CA

We like the “Story time “ because it gives the Children a chance to learn about our history, the epic books and the greatness of our culture. We really appreciate the time and effort that goes into the story telling that can keep the kids interested and stay focused.

Soujanya Nallan, TX
"Kids really enjoyed their sessions of learning Ramayana - thank you for the stories behind each slokas which makes it easier for them to understand what the Sloka is about."

Lavanya Adiraju

Sunnyvale, CA

"My son enjoyed the class very much, everyday he would wake up early and eagerly wait for the class to start. He missed one class because of us, he was very upset. We are very grateful to both of you for imparting great interest among kids."

Divya Govind

Fresno, CA


Sloka class tuitions are due every month.  Tuition includes 60-min sessions every week:
        - live 30-minute sloka session with ParthaJi every week
        - live 30-minute story(Gnyaan) session with ParthaJi every week

 Parents, if interested,  get to enjoy 60-minute of Bhagwad Gita for FREE.


  • 30-min sloka session every week
  • 30-min story session every week
  • Unlimited Sloka video access
  • GEMs Rewards system
  • 100% FREE Bhagwad Gita Session for parents(Optional)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Parthaji meets the students live for 30 minutes once a week.  Students will learn sloka interactively. Besides this, there will be 30-min story session.

Students will be shared with sloka videos so that they can watch, listen and practice the sloka that they learnt, through out the week.

Yes, it is a group class.  Slokas are always learnt in group and traditionally sloka is never taught one-one.  Only by learning in a group the pronunciation improves as the student listens to others recite.  However, a fair amount of individual attention is provided to ensure the student is learning correct pronunciation.

We have our own reward system where a student is given a 'Gem' reward every week as he or she recites a previously learnt sloka.  This will ensure that the student is motivated to learn while also tracking their progress.

Initially, all students shall go through the Slokashri set of slokas.  Later on, based on assessments, students will be placed in appropriate levels.