Ramayana Summer Camp

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25-29th July, 2022

04.00PM PST - 05.30PM PST
07.00PM EST - 08.30PM EST
06.00PM CST - 07.30PM CST

Fees: $99.99

Facilitator: ParthaJi

What do parents have to say...

"Partha Ji engages with the kids very well.They learn very important life lessons through fun and interesting Ramayana stories."
Latha Harini

Sunnyvale, CA

"Parth ji is telling the Ramayana story in very details and a beautiful way. My son really loves to listen. Thank you !!"

Meenakshi Shrivastava,


"It’s great effort by the Vedanta Vidya Peetam. Kids can learn a lot from here. Great job Partha sir and Rama garu ."
Sirisha Koppoal

United States

"Partha ji is a master storyteller.His narration is very interesting and entertaining yet simple for young kids to understand. His energy and enthusiasm is captivating. Nevertheless,the lessons to be learned are not lost in the fun.”Think before act”. “Never to poison a mind” few lessons that the kids learned If we want to instill ethics, righteousness and respect in kids then what better way than obsorbing the values of Ramayana.Heartfelt Thanks to Vedanta Peetam for organizing this summer camp."
Suma Duvvuri

Cupertino, CA

"For the past few months, my son has been attending Partha Sir’s sloka lessons where he  ends each session with the Ramayana story. He uses simple and descriptive language to help the kids understand the story in an entertaining way. He never fails to finish class by teaching an important life lesson to the kids. As a parent, I too enjoy listening in on the story."

Lakshmi Penmethsa

Cupertino, CA

"Our children learning these precious texts along with their meanings, is any parents best intentions towards a child, but learning the beautiful story of Ramayana in the shloka class was cherry on the cake.  Seldom do children and parents find time to sit and talk about anything other than academics or domestic ongoings.  Whenever my son makes references to Ramayana story and characters, it just fills us with a feeling of bliss, of "Thank God, I did something right, for once, by enrolling him at Vedanta Peetham" 
Raki Katta

Cupertino, CA

"Partha Garu is a very passionate and dedicated guru. His story telling style attracts both adults and kids alike. He also explains the morals from the stories in relevance to the present times. This is a great way to invoke spiritual thinking in kids. I am very thankful to my friend who introduced us to him."
Priya Vinnakota

Fremont, CA

"My daughter looks forward to the Ramayana Story sessions by Partha ji, which has enriched my daughters understanding of the moral and cultural values in Indian context."

Madhuri Sathish


"Partha ji's story session are very interesting. He not only tells the story but also explains the moral values to children. My daughter Jayasri enjoys the Ramayana sessions."

Lakshmi Padmanabhan

Seattle, US

What do students have to say...

Summer Camp Story session includes...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Year after year, many students surprised their parents by listening to the story sessions with such keen interest and enthusiasm.  We are sure that your child will also get hooked on to the Ramayana because of the inherent magnetic power of the story of Rama.  In case if your child would not sit and listen even after the 4th day of the Summer camp, then you can claim refund of your fees.

Each day will be a 1 hour Zoom session.  During this time, they will be listening to the story while also watching the visuals of Ramayana along with other children.  It is not an interactive session, though ParthaJi may sometimes engage in  fun conversation with students.  

All sessions are recorded and so you will be given access to the missed session videos.  You and your child can watch the video before the next day's session.

The story sessions will be in easy to understand, simply worded English and yet children can relate to the intricacies of the turning points in the story.

One of our staff will contact you within 24 hours and you will be added to a Whatsapp group so that further communication regarding Zoom meeting info will be posted in the group.