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Mind Power for Youth

Yogasana, Pranayama, Meditation and more...

Classes:  Sundays at 6.00PM PST
Duration: 8 Weeks (Pilot)
(Dates:  TBD)
Eligibility: 10+ years
Class Size: 10 (max)

Course Summary

This course provides a practical approach to spirituality for young boys and girls teaching them breathing techniques, yogasanas and meditation.


Asana (Stretches)

Asana or Yogasana teaches different poses.  Before training the mind, it becomes necessary to train the body to behave the way one wants it to.  If body is sick or not in shape then mind is naturally not going to be co-operative.  Moreover, asanas help reduce accumulated stress in the body.  This teaches a life-long skill of how to destress and get energized quickly.  

Pranayama (Breathing techniques)

There is very little knowledge among youth on the awareness of breath.  It is common knowledge that breathing affects thinking and vice versa.  A fast-paced breathing is associated with fear, discomfort or anger while a long breath signifies a sigh of relief.   By controlling the breath, we control our emotions and how we think.  Several techniques to breathing shall be taught in this course.  


The ability to concentrate the mind on any one subject is a skill by itself. Using this skill great Scientists and researches have had great successes.  Focusing the mind is to collect all the neurons together and putting them all to good use by concentrating their collective power on one subject.  Now, that subject will have to reveal its secret to the mind.

Dharana (Power of imagination)

Power of imagination is the most under-estimated yet the best tool that can help build creativity and memory retention.   Great inventors and story writers have long been using this power of the mind to the best possible use.  But it is not just them, everyone can claim that power and use it.

 Power of Words

It is very well understood across the realm of psychology that words play a crucical role in shaping our personality.  A child that is  exposed to abusive words will develop a negative behavior while a child grows in an environment where adults use selective positive words develops a sense of confidence and trust about the world in general. 

Partha Ji