Gnyaan[Story] for Children

This is a live course for kids with live story sessions and gnyan interludes.

Enjoy 30-minute of live story session every week over Zoom with Parthaji

Thursdays at 5.00PM PST

Listen to stories of Devotion and more...

The weekly Gnyaan sessions for kids with stories drawn from subjects of spirituality, wit, mindfulness and wisdom.   The theme of these story sessions will mostly be to impart practical knowledge to children and application of such knowledge in the real world.

The characters, stories and the presentation will inspire children towards developing a virtuous, brave and stronger personality.  30-45mins every week is a sufficient time for a child to immerse themselves in a world of fun, imagination, virtues and morals so that they appreciate the greatness of Bharath's traditional knowledge and wisdom through the heroic characters portrayed in the legendary stories.    

The puranas, itihasas, upanishads and other legendary tales of Bharath carry both entertainment and gnyan.  While it is perfectly OK to enjoy these works as fun and pass time, it is the gnyan that is the essence of these literary creations.  When children are able to understand the gnyan behind these stories while also enjoying the story side of it, then they grow into mature individuals in this society.

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Suvidhya rane

Vedanta Peetam Amazing School / Gurukul !! ————Suvidhya Rane Madison Wi

Partha Guru ji is Amazing Teacher , Story teller. My daughter 9 year old loves to listen. Partha ji explains Sloka in simple language and it’s very easy to understand. They have Awesome visuals aids with story telling!! Just Wonderful. I Couldn’t ask for more !!!!! Thank you Vedanta Peetam and Partha Guruji !!

3 years ago